K-Line Irrigation

Wroot Water have imported this Irrigation System from New Zealand. It is an effective way of distributing clean and dirty water and has proven particularly successful with the distribution of parlour washings. We are proud to be the only company in the country to import K-Line and we recommend this product as a highly efficient and effective form of water distribution in the UK.

What is K-Line?

K-Line is a revolutionary, flexible hose line sprinkler irrigation system designed to reduce the time and money spent on irrigation. The system consists of one 100m length of 40mm pipe with 8 or 9 K-Line pods. The sprinklers are firmly attached to low density pipe and are protected by the pods. Each line is easy to manoeuvre and reposition by quad bike or other farm vehicle. One line of pods alone is enough to set the system up and it can be expanded as each budget allows. Initial set up costs are therefore able to be very low.

The system runs on a low pressure and is designed to distribute water on a slow absorption method for up to a 24 hour period. This eliminates the need to shift irrigation several times a day and it also allows maximum absorption into the soil which reduces run-off and pooling. Variables such as running time per day/night, rotations, application rates etc., can be easily adjusted to suit any farm management style. For those who have more than one line of pods, it is possible to run them in tandem or one at a time depending on your needs.

You’ll need a network of distribution mains to deliver the water to each paddock (FIG 1). The size of these pipes are reduced as the number of paddocks fed progressively reduces the cost of main piping. The mains terminate with an amount of risers depending on the size of each paddock. The feed lines (FIG 3) connect to the isolation valve at the riser, and are customised depending on the size and shape of the paddock. The sprinkler lines are also customised for the paddock, using 40mm and 32mm special K-Line low density poly pipe. The K-Line pods are then fitted.

The K-Line sprinkler units consist of a sprinkler, a specially designed tapping saddle and a tough protective housing (pod). The pod serves many purposes, such as protecting the sprinkler, keeping the sprinkler upright, and stopping the crop interfering with the sprinkler action. Assembly is so simple, many people choose to install the feed and sprinkler lines themselves although we can provide that service.

FIG 1:

Typical farm layout showing distribution lines and reducing pipe sizes

FIG 2:
Shifting rotation within a typical paddocks

FIG 3:
Resetting to starting position