Sprinkler Systems

Wroot Water have been using the Coverline Sprinkler System for many years working alongside our suppliers to provide our customers with a quality service. The versatility of the Coverline System allows systems to start small-scale and be expanded as each budget allows.

Sprinkler Irrigation with Solid set polyethylene tubes:

The Coverline system joins polyethylene tubes with aluminium couplings to obtain uniform water application. These systems generally consist of a network of main pipes, a group of hydrants and the laterals. The sprinklers are assembled on aluminium risers of different heights (up to 3m). The Coverline system uses lever lock union and half turn couplings. They are easy to handle due to their lightness, environmental resistance and resistance to chemical and mechanical damage. This system alleviates the problems with frequently having to move pipework.

The most common irrigation frames in the Coverline system are: 12m x 12m, 14m x 16m and 16m x 16m in diamond or in triangle configuration. The configuration chosen depends on the soil, dominant wind directions, rainfall, and the type of sprinklers installed. The control of the irrigation is only limited by the atmospheric conditions (evaporation or drag losses and the effect of the wind on the uniformity of distribution). The uniformity of application is independent of the hydro physical characteristics of the soil.


  • Can be used in a great variety of soils
  • This system is adapted to the rotation of crops and to recovery irrigation
  • The nozzles of the sprinklers are not obstructed where filters have been added to the system
  • The system adapts itself to undulating topographies aiding soil fertility and avoiding soil and mineral leaching

The Coverline systems can also be used for:

  • Micro sprinkler irrigation, when sprinklers or sprayers of low pressure and small radius are used.
  • Sprinkler irrigation for frost defence.
  • Mineral plant nutrition by means of the sprinkler equipment
  • Organic plant nutrition using the sprinkler equipment
  • Flowering delay distribution of residual waters

A Typical Sprinkler System Layout: