Drip Irrigation Equipment

Tape Installation Kit

Tape is buried approximately 1½ to 2 inches below the surface; this can be done alongside planting or afterwards as a separate process. The machines used to lay the tape are available to hire or to buy. We are able to retrofit the installation kit to an existing machine or we can mount the kit on its own frame. At the end of the season drip tape can be retrieved at the same time as topping the crop. Tape retrievers are available from us to either hire or buy.

The installation end of the machine consists of flexible plastic tubes with a funnel top inserted into a stainless steel elbow to install the tape below the soil surface. These two components prevent damage to the tape and increase reliability of the machine.

When a new roll of tape is required the new coil can be simply installed by removing a large wing-nut and washer with no tools required. The tape is joined using a small twist-grip fitting.

Tape Retrieval Kit

Wroot Water have designed and manufactured this machine for the most demanding growers looking for easy and efficient tape retrieval from their drip fields.  It makes an easy job of retrieving tape at the end of the irrigation season.

  • This machine makes tape retrieval fully automatic.

  • A steel rod is suspended from the cones that acts as a pick-up mechanism.

  • The pick-up arm has been designed to pivot below the surface of the drum so that when the drums separate, the tape slides off.

  • The machine automatically picks up the looped tape at the end of each row.