Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting involves the collection and recycling of rainwater that falls onto building roofs or concrete areas. A RWH system can be installed on a new-build or existing buildings and will usually involve the collection, diversion and storage of the water in a tank or reservoir. The pump size and filtration level varies depending on the end use of the water. RWH reduces the dependence on mains supply, rivers and groundwater sources.


  • No abstraction license is required
  • The pay-back period can be calculated using figures for the predicted water collection and usage volume
  • This can be planned following an on-site assessment
  • Where will the water be collected from?
  • We supply and install all of our bespoke RWH systems to meet individual requirements

To request a personalised quote for one of our RWH systems we need the following information;

  • How big is the collection area?
  • How much water will be used?
  • What is the quality of water required? What will the water eventually be used for? - Knowing the end use enables us to correctly allocate a filtration system