Bio beds & bio filters

Bio Beds

A bio-bed is a mixture of peat free compost, soil and straw (bio-mix) covered with turf that is placed in a lined pit. We offer a full bio-bed kit based on a standard size of 84m². The kit contains all of the equipment needed for installation; two submersible pumps, underlay, liner, filter and various sized pipes and fittings. Our bio-bed kits meet all regulations as we have worked alongside a consultant working for the environment agency setting standards for and designing bio-beds. We provide a design and advice service to meet customer’s needs.

Summary of Planning and Construction of a Bio bed System:

Bio Filter System

A bio-filter uses the same bio-mix as a bio-bed but it doesn’t require turf, and it uses a series of bulk containers rather than a pit. A bio-filter is usually smaller than a bio-bed and would generally be built above ground. A bio-filter comprises of a number of bulk containers that form the equivalent to a liner in a bio-bed system. This set-up encourages a drainage system. A bio-filter can be more suited to smaller operations or where limited liquid production is calculated. Waste exemptions allow both bio-beds and bio-filters to treat up to 15000 litres of spray waste per annum. The pump in a bio filter is controlled by a timer that works in 2 to 3 minute periods 3 to 4 times per hour.