Filtration is an essential part of micro and drip irrigation systems and blockages in tape, sprinklers, valves and pumps are unlikely if not eradicated through filtration. Many different types of filters are available and various factors should be considered during the selection process:

  • Water type
  • Water source
  • Size of solids in the water
  • Speed of filtration required
  • Type of irrigation
  • Other water uses

The three main filters we supply are Sand Filters, Disc Filters and Screen Filters. We have worked alongside our main suppliers for more than 15 years giving us great knowledge of their products as well as the ability to easily rectify any problems.

Sand Filters

Sand Filters give deep filtration and are especially good when irrigating vast areas where a large amount of water is required.

Our filters range in size from 10 micron up to 2000 micron. 125 micron is the most commonly used size for irrigation, removing all particles from the water above this size.

The filters are filled 60% with sand and the other 40% is empty to allow water to flow through. The filters have an automatic backflush system that kicks in if the filter is becoming blocked or if the pressure differential becomes too high. To maintain continuous filtration we recommend a twin sand filter so when one filter back flushes the second filter ensures the filtration continues.

Disc Filters

Disc Filters are automatic and adapt to installations where the pressure conditions are limited to the rest of the self-cleaning systems.

Screen Filters

Screen Filters are very efficient and ensure continuous filtration. Unlike other filters, screen filters do not need to stop in order to backflush.