UV Water Treatment

Micro-organisms and pathogenic organisms can be destroyed through exposure to ultra violet light. A continuous cycle prevents these organisms from regenerating due to a breakdown in their DNA.

During this process, no chemicals are added to the water guaranteeing it is an environmentally friendly treatment. Units can be mounted in normal pipe-work systems and are able to be single or multi-lamp and continuous monitoring is available to give an accurate and reliable indication of water quality. We can also provide thin film UV treatment for water samples down to 20% T10.


  • High and consistent levels of treatment and quality
  • A simple, cost effective operation
  • Water conservation Improves and maintains water quality
  • With minimized waste and disposal cost, operating costs are reduced in both the short and long term
  • Approved for organic crop production


  • Liquid flow rate (l/sec, m3/hr), affects exposure time
  • Transmission level of water -how effectively U.V. can pass through
  • Microorganisms present - what needs to be treated
  • Can treat temperatures up to 60deg
  • Flow consistency - periodic or continual
  • Flow type - laminar or turbulent

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